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Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries. Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds.


This library allows to manipulate the FastCGI protocol, which ensures the communication between a HTTP server and an external program (such as PHP).


With Composer, to include this library into your dependencies, you need to require `hoa/fastcgi`:

```json { "require": { "hoa/fastcgi": "~2.0" } } ```

Please, read the website to get more informations about how to install.

Quick usage

As a quick overview, we propose to execute a PHP file through the FastCGI protocol directly.

Before starting, we need to know that PHP proposes two tools that support FastCGI: php-cgi and php-fpm (for FastCGI Process Manager). We will use php-cgi in local with the standard port 9000 in TCP:

```sh $ php-cgi -b ```

First, we write the Echo.php file, the one we are likely to execute:

```php <?php

echo 'foobar'; ```

Second, we need to open a connexion to the FastCGI server and send a query with the following headers:


```php $fastcgi = new Hoa( new Hoa('tcp://') ); var_dump($fastcgi->send([ 'REQUEST_METHOD' => 'GET', 'REQUEST_URI' => '/', 'SCRIPT_FILENAME' => DIR . DS . 'Echo.php' ])); // string(6) "foobar" ```

We can get the headers from the executed file by calling the Hoa\Fastcgi\Responder::getResponseHeaders method.

This is a good and fast way to execute PHP files (or other programs that support FastCGI) without worry about binaries location, sub-shells calls, errors handling etc.


Different documentations can be found on the website: http://hoa-project.net/.


Hoa is under the New BSD License (BSD-3-Clause). Please, see `LICENSE`.