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Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out:

Public Member Functions

 write ($string, $length)
 writeString ($string)
 writeCharacter ($character)
 writeBoolean ($boolean)
 writeInteger ($integer)
 writeFloat ($float)
 writeArray (Array $array)
 writeLine ($line)
 writeAll ($string)
 truncate ($size)

Detailed Description

Interface .

Interface for output.

Definition at line 47 of file Out.php.

Member Function Documentation

Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::truncate (   $size)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::write (   $string,
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeAll (   $string)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeArray ( Array  $array)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeBoolean (   $boolean)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeCharacter (   $character)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeFloat (   $float)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeInteger (   $integer)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeLine (   $line)
Hoa\Stream\IStream\Out::writeString (   $string)

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