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Hoa\Stream\Wrapper\IWrapper\IWrapper Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hoa\Stream\Wrapper\IWrapper\File
 dir_closedir ()
 dir_opendir ($path, $options)
 dir_readdir ()
 dir_rewinddir ()
 mkdir ($path, $mode, $options)
 rename ($from, $to)
 rmdir ($path, $options)
 unlink ($path)
 url_stat ($path, $flags)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Hoa\Stream\Wrapper\IWrapper\Stream
 stream_cast ($castAs)
 stream_close ()
 stream_eof ()
 stream_flush ()
 stream_lock ($operation)
 stream_metadata ($path, $option, $value)
 stream_open ($path, $mode, $options, &$openedPath)
 stream_read ($count)
 stream_seek ($offset, $whence=SEEK_SET)
 stream_set_option ($option, $arg1, $arg2)
 stream_stat ()
 stream_tell ()
 stream_truncate ($size)
 stream_write ($data)

Detailed Description

Interface .

Interface for stream wrapper class.

Definition at line 49 of file IWrapper.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Hoa\Stream\Wrapper\IWrapper\IWrapper::__construct ( )

Constructs a new stream wrapper. Called when opening the stream wrapper, right before self::stream_open().


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